John Beusmans Carn Pottery Wall Plaque.


A Wall Plaque with land and seascape decoration by John Beusmans from his Carn Pottery at Nancledra near St Ives in Cornwall.

Height 15cm width 17cm

John’s work is distinctive and his skills composite; he carries out the work of thrower, mould-maker and decorator. His pieces vary tremendously in shape, size and nature, but are always instantly recognizable. All his work shows a strong fascination with shape – some pieces morphing from one size and shape at the front to another at the back.

All work is slip-cast, and John usually makes several moulds from a master, each one incised with a different design. The colour is produced by applying copper oxide and copper mixed with cobalt with a mop. John, who works with one helper, fires his pots in an electric kiln at 1140°C.

There is a growing army of Carn collectors, and it is fortunate for them that the pottery is still producing. The mark is a simple rubber stamp giving the name or the name and address of the pottery.